planning your move ahead

Follow these steps to make your move a better one.

Over 1 Month To Go
  • Reserve a Penske truck for your moving day now for best rates. Determine the right truck size with Penske’s Truck Wizard.
  • Get some help with your move at
  • Visit Arrow Space Self Storage to buy your boxes and the moving supplies you’ll need.
  • Decide what things get packed, donated, and thrown out. Then start packing.
  • Take your pets to the vet for one last exam and to pick up a copy of their records.
  • Pack out-of-season and non-essential items early.
  • Look into homeowner’s or renter’s insurance for your new place.
2 Weeks To Go
  • Change your address at the post office or at
  • Contact your utility companies and service providers:
    • Gas
    • Electric
    • Water
    • Telephone
    • Internet
    • Cable/Satellite TV
  • Collect important records and documents: medical, dental, school transcript, titles, financial and tax records.
  • Secure moving-day help. Ask friends and family to save the date; reserve sitters; contact
1 Day To Go
  • Finish packing, taping and labeling boxes.
  • Prepare major appliances and electronics for the move.
  • Secure dresser drawers and appliance doors with rope and tape.
  • Assemble a moving-day kit, including directions, map, GPS, checkbook, credit cards, IDs, eyeglasses, sunglasses, prescription drugs, flashlight, water, snacks, games for kids, and old and new house keys.
  • Pick up your rental truck the day/evening before to save time on moving day
  • Clean your house or apartment.
The Big Day
  • Make sure everything is organized and packed in boxes before you pick up your truck.
  • Pack games for the kids. Happy kids travel better.
  • Arrive early to pick up your truck.
  • Have a safe trip!